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Josh Hanley

Laravel developer on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia

Who am I?

I'm a full-stack web developer, living on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.
I enjoy sailing, camping, four-wheel driving, woodworking, gaming, and web development.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Enterprise Systems Development).

My main interest is building simple systems to help small businesses operate more efficiently.

What do I do?

Specialise in Laravel and Livewire development.
I prefer to build web apps using the TALL stack (Tailwind, Alpine, Livewire, and Laravel) and have experience using VueJS.

Preferred Stack

Where can you find me?

Find me on the

Discord Logo Mark Livewire Discord

Work engagements

I am currently fully booked but happy to discuss any potential future projects.
Contact me though any of the above methods or on the contact page.

Recent articles

In the previous article “How to use layout components in Livewire” we went through setting up an app layout component that Livewire can find. This article goes through setting up its contents for use with Livewire by adding the Livewire tags and going through a way to manage your header and page title.

How to use layout components in Livewire

Tuesday, 22nd December 2020

How to make an app layout component that can be used in your blade views and automatically used by full page Livewire components.

Why Livewire and why this blog?

Friday, 18th December 2020

This article goes into why my excitement for Livewire led me to use it in my apps, contribute on GitHub and start this blog. Read this to find out how my Livewire journey began.

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